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Our coding bootcamp takes you from beginner to highly accomplished software engineer in 12 weeks. Build advanced practical skills as you create working apps and portfolio projects.

teaching staff

Develop your skills with our roster of outrageously talented teachers. With decades of experience between them, you get an extensive education and unique industry insights.

A foot in the door at the best companies

Benefit from our extensive network of business partners, agencies and startups in Berlin and around the globe to land a job you'll love.

Get job-ready

Build a portfolio, get interview tips and create a resume that will get you noticed. We teach the skills that you need to take the next steps in your career.


Choose your Bootcamp

full stack web development

Full Stack Web Development

Our Full Stack Web Development course will take you from beginner to ready-to-hire, covering all the essential languages. Learn to code with SPICED and transform your future.

next cohort: July 9th, 2018
data analytics

Data Science

Unlock the value of data with our Data Science course. Learn to extract meaningful insights, improve performance using algorithms, and get the skills you need to become an integral part of any data-driven company.

next cohort: July 23rd, 2018

Where Our Graduates Work

What our students say

I found myself in a cohort of amazing students from all around the world, with different backgrounds and experiences. The staff was amazing and supportive.
The curriculum feels tailored to the job. It’s constantly updated to match the fast-changing job market. If you feel ready and willing to dive into coding, this course is for you.
The most incredibly demanding, life-changing and formative experience of my life.
SPICED Academy’s course was very relevant and up-to-date. The curriculum prepared me well for the technical questions that came up during interviews. I would not have landed my job without SPICED.
Having worked in Berlin tech before, I didn’t think that I needed the career workshop part of the program - but I was totally wrong. It was a valuable asset to my post-SPICED success.
I graduated and got a job in the US within one month. The teachers are fantastic and the curriculum is very cleverly structured to get you the most gains in the least amount of time.
The course at SPICED was beyond expectations. A great experience that helped me land a job in 2 weeks!

Berlin, Breathtaking & Affordable

  • Average rent 85% cheaper than New York, San Francisco or Singapore
  • Center of Europe’s tech and startup scene
  • Most concentrated population of scientific research centers in Europe
  • Great connections to the rest of the continent
  • Burgeoning creative and media industries
  • Beautiful lakes and parks for trekking
  • World-famous nightlife and cultural scene


We're Certified!

SPICED Academy’s Full-Stack Web Development Program is now officially certified! That means if you’re currently unemployed and registered in Germany, you may qualify to get the course sponsored by the Job Center.

For more information, please see our info page.