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Data Science & AI Course in Berlin

Go beyond your comfort zone. Move from an aspiring data scientist to an inspiring one with the most comprehensive curriculum on the market.

Full-time | 12 Weeks | Berlin

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See yourself as a Data Scientist? So do we.

From getting to grips with Python to getting deep with Deep Learning, our Data Science & AI course will get you thinking and building beyond your comfort zone. You'll learn live, on campus, shoulder to shoulder with people that could change the trajectory of your life.

Course Overview

What's in store at our Data Science bootcamp?


Prep Phase

Get started with the core skills that you need

You will get to know the Python programming language, including data types, loops and conditionals, and familiarize yourself with linear algebra and calculus. When starting the course you will be able to write small programs using basic Python commands. You’re required to complete an assessment to make sure you’re ready for the on-site portion of our Data Science bootcamp.

Curriculum at a glance

The most up-to-date, effective tech stack on the market:

Data Analysis in Python

Become fluent in using Python to collect, analyze, and visualize data, focusing on the powerful libraries Pandas & NumPy.

Machine Learning

Delve into the world of supervised and unsupervised learning with the scikit-learn and statsmodels frameworks.


Organize data in SQL databases like PostgreSQL, fill it with data and run queries.

Agile Project Management

Learn how to effectively work in Germany's msot modern companies.

Software Engineering

Acquire state-of-the-art engineering tools to write and test Python applications.

Git & Bash

Use Git and GitHub throughout the course to collaborate & version control your code.

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Career Services

Ready for the real world.

What good are skills without getting a foot in the door? We focus extensively on helping you ace real world technical interviews.

Coaching built for you.

We believe that development is continuous, so we offer one-to-one coaching sessions to help you progress professionally.

Beyond the technical.

Changing careers is more than learning new tech skills. We support you with the personal side of things.

Your next step.

Wondering ‘what’s next’? We're connected with exciting startups and companies in Germany.

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The bonding within the cohort is amazing, all of the teachers are passionate about teaching and offer individual and intense support. I never expected to be able to work in data science at this high level after only 3 months.


Data Science Graduate

What our students have built

by Glynnis M

Distinguishes the brains of cognitively normal patients from those diagnosed with Alzheimers.

Link here
glynnis mattheisen

Your teachers at Spiced

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Dr. Carmine Somma

Data Science Teacher

Where Spicedlings work

Spicedlings are getting hired by your favourite companies:

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Financing Options

Invest in your future


If you’re registered as unemployed (or soon to be) in Germany, you could be eligible to have all your costs covered with a Bildungsgutschein (training voucher).

For more information on this option, check our page dedicated to financing your coding bootcamp with a Bildungsgutschein.

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Deferred Payment

We want to make our best-in-class tech courses available to everyone with the motivation to complete them.

Our Deferred Payment Option enables those who aren’t in the position to pay upfront nor in instalments to participate, by offering the chance to pay back at a later date.

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Full Payment

If you’re ready to cover the cost of our coding bootcamps immediately, this is the option for you. Pay 14 days before the course starts.

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Application & Dates

12 Weeks | Full-time | €9,800

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July 22, 2024 - October 23, 2024

Course language


August 26, 2024 - November 20, 2024

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