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The Bootcamp Survival Guide

By Spiced Academy | August 2, 2023

See this guide as a compass to help guide you on the journey from cubicle to classroom. Got your hiking boots on? Let's go trekking!

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Unemployment Roadmap

Unemployment Roadmap

By Spiced Academy | March 1, 2024

Unemployment, while often seen as a period of uncertainty and stress, can also present unique opportunities for personal and professional growth.

UX vs UI, What's the Difference?

By Spiced Academy | February 23, 2024

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) aren’t just buzzwords in the realm of digital design—they're essential components that shape the way users interact with products and services.

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Crafting Your Perfect Developer CV: A Comprehensive Guide

By Spiced Academy | February 16, 2024

Welcome to the culmination of our career development series! Today, we delve into the art of CV writing specifically tailored for developers – a topic close to our hearts. Throughout this series, we've explored self-discovery, mastering the art of answering the infamous "tell me about yourself" question, and developing a strategic approach to job hunting.

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Data Science Essentials: Why Python Should Be Your First Choice

By Spiced Academy | February 9, 2024

According to recent studies, Python reigns supreme as the preferred programming language for Data Scientists—and it's no wonder why! At Spiced, Python is the cornerstone of our Data Science curriculum.

Unlock Your Future: How to Select Your Coding Bootcamp

By Spiced Academy | February 2, 2024

Web Development bootcamps are a fantastic gateway to the dynamic world of coding. Here we explore some of the main topics you should look out for when choosing where to study.

Top 10+ Web Developer Interview Questions

By Spiced Academy | January 19, 2024

You've aced the coding bootcamp, polished your portfolio, and now you're gearing up for the next big step – the web developer interview. We get it, the anticipation is real, but don't fret! We've got your back with the lowdown on the Top 10+ Web Developer Interview Questions.

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