About Spiced

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Spiced student

Why we’re here

Spiced Academy transforms people’s lives by empowering them to pursue work they love. Our goal is to inspire creative, ambitious people to see how tech can help them to make an impact.

We started Spiced to provide highly motivated people with a career-focused approach to learning. We don’t just teach the latest technologies- we teach our students to think like programmers, and to gain insights into the day-to-day work of developers and data scientists.

Let’s Build Things Together

Our courses are led by domain experts with years of experience in their field, who are passionate about helping you take your next steps in your life and career.

We’re focused on all aspects of your career change, helping you through your transition on a professional and personal level. We foster an open, creative mindset which transforms our student’s approaches to learning and working- and hopefully stays with them far beyond their time on campus.

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