Become a Web Developer

Get the skills you need to land a job as a web developer in 12 weeks.

8,500€ | 12 Weeks | Berlin

Available for 100% financing with the Agentur für Arbeit

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Course Overview

What's in store at our Coding Bootcamps in Germany


Prep Phase

The building blocks of the world wide web.

Build your own web pages and begin to work with responsive design using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You’ll begin working with programming fundamentals such as debugging, the command line, and GitHub. Once you’ve finished the prep course, you’ll be ready for the on-site portion of our coding bootcamp.

Curriculum at a glance


The most up-to-date, effective tech stack on the market:


The building blocks of the web. Learn to build beautiful, responsive websites.

Git & GitHub

Collaborate, discover, and build better software with the world's largest developer community.


Write APIs and build client and server logic with NextJS.


The essential coding language for the modern web developer.


Learn how to build single page applications with the most popular front-end framework.


Learn to build and query NoSQL databases with MongoDB.

Career Services

Practical, real-world approach

Real-world technical interviews

An extensive focus on passing real-world technical interviews.

Tailored coaching sessions

Tailored coaching sessions

Unlimited one-to-one coaching sessions, helping you to develop professionally.

More than just technical skills

Professional development

We're here to support you with the personal changes in your career transition, too.

Partnership Program

Partnership Program

Connect with some of the hottest startups in Germany with our unique Partnership Program.

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Magali, studied Web Development in Berlin

Our students now work at:

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The teachers were able to deliver funny and interesting classes for even complex topics. They made the educational journey easy!



Web Development Graduate



What our students have built


by Nicolai H.

Application that uses 3D graphics and is synchronized to music.
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Where Spicedlings work

Spicedlings are getting hired by your favourite companies:

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Financing Options

Invest in your future

Application & Dates

12 Weeks | Full-time | 8,500€


June 19, 2023 - September 11, 2023

August 7, 2023 - October 30, 2023