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Coding Bootcamp in Berlin

Become a Web Developer in 12 weeks with our full-time, intensive course.


Learn to code in a fast-paced,
supportive environment

Up-To-Date Skills

We offer a razor sharp focus on the skills employers are looking for

Build Your Portfolio

Our project-based curriculum gets you ready and prepared to impress

Get Hired

With full career support you’ll be ready for the job market in Berlin and beyond

Join The Community

SPICED is more than just a coding bootcamp, it’s a family


What You'll Learn


You'll cover both new and classic techniques for presenting content beautifully. You will also learn how to build for responsive design with techniques like Flexbox.


You’ll learn Javascript as a general programming language to learn programming fundamentals. The next step will be DOM manipulation using the apis that the browsers provide as well as with the popular jQuery library.

MVC Frameworks | Single Page Applications

You'll start with Vue.js to introduce the concepts of MVC. You'll move on to cover the more popular React.


You'll learn all about web programming on the server using the Express framework. We will start simply by using Node/Express to serve static pages but will very quickly advance towards generating pages and to writing APIs to support single page applications.


You will learn how to build and manage SQL databases with Postgres as well as NoSQL software with Redis.

Git & Github

You'll use Git and Github throughout for the course to utilize collaboration & version control of your code.

Meet David, our Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp Instructor

David is a web developer with over 18 years experience. Before moving to Berlin to take on his position as Head Coach and CTO, David worked at some of the leading technology companies in San Francisco and New York, including Klout, Yelp, Digg, and Razorfish.

He has worked with a wide variety of tools over the years but has always maintained a deep focus on JavaScript.

Prior to becoming a web developer, David studied Classics at the City University of New York and taught many different courses on related topics.

David believes the most effective way to learn is by doing, and believes anyone with the right motivation can learn to code.

Course Structure

How You'll Learn

Preperation Phase

Our Prep Course gets you up to speed and ready for our intensive coding bootcamp in Berlin.

Phase I

You'll focus heavily on HTML, CSS and Javascript. You will subsequently integrate what you’ve learned to create interactive UI widgets and animations using native browser APIs as well as the jQuery library.

Phase II

You will learn about server-side programming with Node.js. You will generate dynamic web pages using third party APIs. You will explore several popular client-side MV* frameworks and write single page applications and our own APIs to support them.

Phase III

In the final phase, students work on a capstone project of their choice which they will present at the end of the program.

SPICED Labs (Optional)

For 6 weeks after the course you’re free to come to SPICED to continue to work, receive guidance during your job search and put any final touches needed on your portfolio.

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What our students say

Frontend Developer at Blacklane

Having worked in Berlin tech before, I didn’t think that I needed the career workshop part of the program - but I was totally wrong. It was a valuable asset to my post-SPICED success.
Software Engineer at eBay

I found myself in a cohort of amazing students from all around the world, with different backgrounds and experiences. The staff was amazing and supportive.
Full Stack Web Developer at Explore Learning

I graduated and got a job in the US within one month. The teachers are fantastic and the curriculum is very cleverly structured to get you the most gains in the least amount of time.
Junior Ruby Developer at Zaplox

The curriculum feels tailored to the job. It’s constantly updated to match the fast-changing job market. If you feel ready and willing to dive into coding, this course is for you.
Full Stack Web Developer at Appico

The most incredibly demanding, life-changing and formative experience of my life.
Back End Developer at Ecocode

The course at SPICED was beyond expectations. A great experience that helped me land a job in 2 weeks!
Front-End Developer at Fit Analytics

SPICED Academy’s course was very relevant and up-to-date. The curriculum prepared me well for the technical questions that came up during interviews. I would not have landed my job without SPICED.

Get Hired

Career Support

Self Awareness

Discover your career values, interests and ideal workplace, through a series of introspective questions and activities.

Portfolio & CV

Learn to write the ideal CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile for the role of a developer. Create and sharpen your Github portfolio of projects.

The Job Search

Learn how to structure your job search, different types of tech roles, average developer salaries and how negotiate for a job offer.

Interviewing Practice

Practice one-on-one for a developer interview through a series of behavioral and technical questions and get feedback in real time.

Giovanni and Loris Learns Code

Course Details

Dates & Prices

January 7th - Mar 29th, 2019 Mon - Fri 9:30am - 6:00pm 7.800€
February 25th - May 17th, 2019 Mon - Fri 9:30am - 6:00pm 7.800€
April 1st - June 28th, 2019 Mon - Fri 9:30am - 6:00pm 7.800€
May 27th - August 16th, 2019 Mon - Fri 9:30am - 6:00pm 7.800€

Financing options available on request.

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