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Laya Aminosharei

By Spiced Academy | December 5, 2023

Meet Vanessa πŸ‘‹. As en exhibition curator, she realized the potential to create even more captivating and accessible experiences for visitors by leveraging interactive technologies. She decided to complete SPICED's 12-week intensive Web Development bootcamp.

Tell us a little about your professional background before the bootcamp?

Before joining the bootcamp, I was a language teacher.

What made you want to make the switch to Web Development?

As a new Berliner, I decided to shift my career from language teaching and try my hands at coding. After a couple of months of self-studying I noticed slow progress and started feeling lost, so I decided to join SPICED Academy to get on the right track, solidify my knowledge and learn job-ready skills.

What was it about SPICED that appealed to you?

I chose Spiced initially because the stack and technologies taught here are very popular among tech companies. I had also received positive feedback from the alumni I had talked to. After enrolling I can only approve all I had heard!

How was your time at SPICED?

The amazing team and atmosphere at Spiced will help you achieve your goals. You’re gonna build things you had no idea you could.

Do you have any advice for future Spicedlings?

If you’re not sure if you can do it, give yourself the chance to face the challenge.

SPICED in 3 words?

Thrive, opportunity, vibrant.

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