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Spicedlings mostly enjoy fast-growing careers in these roles:

Data Analyst

Using a combination of programming, statistical and storytelling skills, Data Analysts help uncover business trends that aren't obvious to the human eye.

Data Scientist

Data Scientists design, train, and deploy machine learning models into a company's data workflow, so that complex business decisions and predictions can be automated.

Front End Web Developer

Front End Devs focus on building what runs in the browser: responsive pages and interactive web apps. It helps (but is not essential) to have an eye for design.

Full Stack Developer

A Full Stack Dev can work on both the front end of a web site and the back end - meaning they could switch daily from implementing a design to building a database.

Product Manager

Product Managers bring together business, technology, and user experience to rally teams into building successful products.

Software Engineer

Software Engineers, like Full Stack Devs, focus on the overall architecture of a web application. They can also work on products that aren’t related to the web.

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