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Course Overview

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Phase I

Identifying your transferable skills

The sector you’re coming from might be very different from the tech world - we get it! As well as the in-demand technologies you’ll be equipped with at Spiced, employers are looking for the skills you’re already bringing. We’ll help you to identify and demonstrate these transferable skills to get you ready for your new career.

Our Career Services at a glance

Best-in-class support every step of the way

Career Workshops

From documentation, through job-search-strategy, to personal branding, we'll make sure you're armed and ready for the job-hunt.

Individual Coaching

1-1 coaching on the practical and emotional requirements needed for a new career. From the first day until the moment you land your new job.

Technical Interviews

You’ll get the chance to get the insider view, so the real thing should be a breeze.

Mock Interviews (HR)

Practise common questions in a group setting, get feedback and improve your interviewing skills.

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Your Career Services team

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Renate Mikucevska

Career & Development Coach

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