The Spiced Academy Quarantine Bonanza

By Spiced Academy | April 6, 2020

Due to the global public health situation relating to COVID-19, a lot of the planet, Spiced staff and students included, are currently working and learning remotely.

Being at home for such an extended period of time can come with some challenges, boredom being chief among them. With this in mind, we wanted to share with our Spiced community (and beyond) a whole host of great content that we think will help entertain, distract, inform and hopefully liven up some of these endless afternoons on the couch.

Things to Help

Working from home is a new experience for many of us, and it comes with its own unique set of challenges. Here we round up some of the most useful articles and resources we've found to help you make that transition.

1. The Remote Work Report by GitLab

First up, GitLab take a look at the surge in working from home pre-Corona virus. For many of our students, one of the most attractive things about the tech sector is the flexibility offered to employers - something that is sure to seem even more desirable now. So dig a little into the data about working from home, check out this article.

2. 11 Time Management Apps to Help You Stay Organised

Shillington put together this list of time management apps to help creatives stay organised - and they're just as useful for coders and data scientists.

3. Remote Working: Setting Yourself and Your Teams Up For Success

LinkedIn have opened this series of videos to everyone during this time of change and adaptation. While some of it may already be familiar with some practices, there's a whole host of content which could be useful to navigate the challenges of learning to work and learn remotely.

4. Tips For Working Remotely

Grayscalegorilla offers an insight into the ups and downs of working from home, as well as offering a few tips to help you manage.

Things to Read

You've finished your day's work but your appetite for learning isn't satisfied? We got you.

1. The 25 Best Programming Books: A Data-Backed Answer

Much more than just a list of great programming books - this list is the definitive list (if you trust the data). On top of that, it's got the backing of our Head Coach, David.

2. 20 Ted Talks Every Programmer Should Watch

From dealing with procrastination to tips for success to the birth of the computer - these Ted Talks are great for seasoned and budding web developers alike.

3. The Best Ted Talks for Data Science

For our Data Scientists - or anyone curious about data and how it plays a part in our society - Towards Data Science have gathered some of the bets Ted Talks out there for Data Science.

Things to Watch

If all that content isn't enough, get your popcorn at the ready. Here are some of our favourite films and documentaries for programmers and data scientists.

1. The Internet's Own Boy

Insightful and ultimately tragic, The Internet's Own Boy is a powerful homage to the life of internet activist and Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz, who took his own life at just 26 years of age.

2. The Great Hack

Equally fascinating and terrifying, The Great Hack is a pertinent look at how the now-infamous Cambridge Analytica came to influence the 2016 election and, in turn, so much of what we're living through today.

3. Humans Need Not Apply

Way back in 2014, Humans Need Not Apply was released on YouTube. It's a short film that focuses on the future of the integration of automation into economics, as and the impact this will have on the worldwide workforce.

4. The Story of Maths

An engrossing and informative four-part documentary series from the BBC covering the development of key mathematics and how it underpins much of science, technology and culture.

5. Connections

Connections was produced in 1978 but remains extremely relevant today. Taking science, technology, history and progress as its overarching themes, it's an ambitious and absorbing look at our global interdependence.

6. Terms and Conditions May Apply

A must-see documentary that addresses how corporations and the government take the information provided by users when we check that little box when browsing, installing or purchasing.

Things to Hear

1. Spiced's Spotify Playlists

We collected together a bunch of the music we've been listening to over the quarantine period, including ambient playlists for studying, funk-filled playlists for housework, and some Berlin-inspired beats for when it hits the weekend.

2. United We Stream

Berlin is famed for its nightlife, and since all of its clubs are out of action, the United We Stream collective was formed to help support the nightlife workers around the city - and to try to ensure Berlin's club culture stays alive. Join the digital party!

3. LadyBug Podcast

If you're just starting out with web development, LadyBug is a great podcast you can check out to get some invaluable tips on your career path, as well as dipping your toes into the technical side of coding.

4. Talk Python to Me

Expect expert interviews, application examples and much more on this podcast about - you guessed it - Python. Whatever your level of familiarity with Python, providing you're interested, you'll find a wealth of fascinating content to delve into.

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