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Co-living developed by Sergio Herrero

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by Sergio Herrero

Ear Builder developed by David Ramis Ahfeldt

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Ear Builder

by David Ramis Ahfeldt

Ultimate Trash developed by Lachlan Kosaniuk Innes

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Ultimate Trash

by Lachlan Kosaniuk Innes

DCB developed by Mathieu Poterie

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by Mathieu Poterie

Headliners developed by Nicolai Habla

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by Nicolai Habla

Wireframe Tool developed by Thomas Gsellmann

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Wireframe Tool

by Thomas Gsellmann

Plasmid Mapper developed by Stefan Kośc & Annekathrin von Hacht

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Plasmid Mapper

by Stefan Kośc & Annekathrin von Hacht

Aspect-Based Sentiment Mining developed by Pauline Brucki

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Aspect-Based Sentiment Mining

*This project is a replication of a research paper.

by Pauline Brucki

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