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Front-End Web Development Program

A 10-week, part-time coding course in Berlin. Learn to build interactive, mobile-friendly websites and find a job you’ll love.
NEXT COHORT STARTS ON September 12th 2017


Learn to build
beautiful websites

Fascinated by what goes on in your browser? Our rigorous, hands-on approach will teach you the fundamentals of front-end, fast. Build practical skills as you create interactive, mobile-friendly websites.

Intimate, personalised

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to learning code, so we keep a balanced teacher to student ratio in order to offer the best support for you.

teaching staff

Develop your skills with our roster of outrageously talented teachers. With decades of experience between them, you get an extensive education and unique industry insights.


We partner with industry and innovation experts to support your first steps to building your own product or even founding your own startup.


Ever looked at a site and wondered how it was made? Thought you could do better? If so, Front-End Web Development may be the career you’re looking for.

Front-End Web Development is one of the most in-demand, highest paying careers in tech. Our 10-week part-time program will teach you all the fundamentals you need to start a career building awesome websites from scratch. The course focuses on HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery. With these tools (and more) you’ll learn how the pros built your favorite websites and put everything into practice by building your own.

Throughout the Front-End Web Development program, you’ll gain indispensable skills in design thinking, leading by influence, effective communication and problem solving. To cap it all off, there’s job support and career guidance whenever you need it.

Learn to code. Transform your future.



You'll cover both new and classic techniques for presenting content beautifully.


You’ll learn Javascript as a general programming language to learn programming fundamentals. The next step will be DOM manipulation using the apis that the browsers provide as well as with the popular jQuery library.

Program Summary


HTML, CSS & JavaScript

The building blocks of the web are found in HTML, CSS and Javascript. You will take an indepth look into these languages to learn how to structure, design and build your very own websites.


Responsive Design, Widgets & Animations

On top of the fundamentals, you will cover more complex topics. You will learn how to make websites that are interactive and mobile responsive on any browser. You wwil learn to create interactive UI widgets and animations using native browser APIs, as well as the jQuery library.


Javascript, AJAX & APIs

To cap off our program, you will dive deep into the inner workings of the web and learn how everything you have learned comes together. By the end of the course you’ll have your very own web page up and running, and you’ll be able to call yourself a Front End Web Developer.


Career Support

Throughout the Program

As well as learning to code, you'll receive extensive help getting hired by the most exciting companies. Work on your profile, interviewing and communication skills and tap into our extensive network of business and agencies that are seeking awesome new talent (like you!).

What our students say

For so many years it was difficult to get out of the bed in the morning. Now that I’m headed to a challenging, yet supportive environment though, the day can’t begin soon enough.
Couple months back - seems like ages now - I was thinking about learning how to code. I was browsing courses and kept wondering: 'Can I afford this?'. But then I realized there was a more important question: 'Can I afford not to?'... So far it's been a great decision.
I learned a lot during my time in SPICED Academy. The biggest value here is the staff, who create great conditions for development.
I found myself in a cohort of amazing students from all over the world, with different backgrounds and experiences. The staff was amazing and supportive. I always feel motivated and just wanna keep coding.

Upcoming Courses

Sept 12th - Nov 16th * Tue & Thu 6:30pm - 9:30pm 2.900€
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