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Why Berlin?

Berlin is one of Europe’s biggest, most exciting cities. With its strong tech community and affordable living costs, Berlin is an ideal place to learn how to code and search for a job after graduating. Whether you’re into the peace and quiet of nature or heart-thumping electronic music; delectable gourmet foods or cheap eats; a day at the museum or a day in the park; modern contemporary artwork or traditional art from centuries ago - Berlin has something for everyone.

Visas & Housing


Which visa you should apply for depends on your citizenship. In general, we recommend applying for the 90-day Schengen tourist visa. Our program is well within this period. If you want to stay in Berlin longer, you can apply for a freelancer or job seekers visa.

Check out our visa guide to learn more!
Visa Guide


For your 12-week stay in Berlin, we recommend that you utilize short-term rentals that do not require a ton of upfront paperwork. You can always move to a long-term rental if you decide to stay in Berlin after the program.

For more info, check out our housing guide!
Housing Guide
Why is Berlin the Place to be for Coders?
A new startup is founded in Berlin every 20 minutes and it is estimated to create 100,000 jobs by 2020.[1]
Average rent in Berlin is much lower than Paris, Stockholm or London.
Government support for startups.
Sense of community and social connections.
Startups in Berlin include Number26, GoEuro, Dubsmash, Babbel, SoundCloud and many more.


Please contact our Director of Programs & Community, Shilpa.