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Featured Alumni

Olof Coding Testimonial I studied product design and wanted to go from making physical products to software. SPICED caught my attention. The curriculum is tailored for the job. Olof Reimegård, now Full Stack Web Developer at Zaplox

SPICED Stories

Guilherme Coding Testimonial
now Full Stack Web Developer at Dots Software
I felt prepared for interviews. It’s like a shortcut to get a job and learn how to code.

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Karen Coding Testimonial
now Technical Product Manager at Geeny.io
The decision to come to SPICED was to free myself from these restrictions and start building projects for myself. I couldn’t be more happy.

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Giovanni Coding Testimonial
now Full Stack Web Developer at Appico
It’s great to be employed in a career I find fulfilling and, at last, be back with my family again.

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Loris Coding Testimonial
now Full Stack Web Developer at Freighthub
Before I joined SPICED I was worried I wouldn’t be good enough. I was scared of my own dreams, and of failing them.

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Maggie Coding Testimonial
now Full Stack Web Developer at Explore Learning
I knew that I wanted to get out of the classroom, but I still wanted to have a positive impact on the world.

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Wlad Coding Testimonial
now Full Stack Web Developer at Cover42
I think almost anyone can learn to code if they’re determined. I don’t think I have a special “coding brain”, I just have motivation.

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Thilo Coding Testimonial
now Freelance Web Developer
I chose SPICED mainly because it focuses only on JavaScript. I rather wanted to learn one language well than a bit of everything.

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Mike Coding Testimonial
now Software Engineer at Soundcloud
I wanted a creative, challenging, flexible and in-demand skill that would give me much more freedom about who I was working for and where. Coding ticks all those boxes.

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Rafa Coding Testimonial
now Full Stack Web Developer at Vanolia
As an architect, I was fascinated with the incursion of the digital reality in our physical world. To make my ideas come to life, I needed a deeper knowledge of programming and the Internet.

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